Asset Class Expertise

With more than 40 years of experience in alternative assets and public investments, we believe manager selection is crucial to successful investing, and we have experienced resources focused on a rigorous selection process to help us find nimble, innovative, and differentiated managers. With a global network of top-tier manager relationships, we use our scale to access best-in-class investments and negotiate favorable fees and terms on behalf of our clients.

Private Investments

Private investments have been a key driver of long-term performance for many of our clients. Using our comprehensive due diligence — which includes ongoing meetings with thousands of managers — and long-standing relationships, our private investments team sources both established and emerging managers who we believe can provide our clients with superior returns.


Hedge Funds

Hedge funds play an important role in long-term alpha generation as well as beta and correlation mitigation strategies. Given our unique network and extensive experience investing in hedge funds we typically identify managers early in their life cycle. We seek to form long-term business partnerships with managers that we expect to generate attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns.


Public Investments

Stocks and bonds continue to be foundational to many portfolios. While well-known for our alternative asset coverage, we have covered a broad range of public investment strategies for decades, getting to know the managers and resulting spin-offs. We have an exceptional team of experienced investment professionals who engage with managers and conduct in-depth due diligence across a diverse range of strategies to find appropriate investment managers for clients’ portfolios.


Private Credit

Our private credit investment team works with each client to build a bespoke portfolio of investments across a variety of credit strategies, including direct lending, capital solutions, bank loans, high-yield bonds, and niche opportunities. Our broad coverage of credit-related senior and opportunistic strategies, along with our long-standing manager relationships, helps to provide our clients with access to best-in-class investments that may provide an attractive profile and premium yield in low-return environments.


Real Assets

Real assets can play a variety of roles in a portfolio. We draw upon our portfolio construction expertise to thoroughly evaluate the role of real assets within each client portfolio and determine the appropriate holdings based on each client’s distinct goals and risk tolerances. Our real assets investment team looks across the spectrum of public and private real estate, infrastructure, and natural resources to build strategic real assets programs that target above-market returns over the long term.



Co-investments may charge lower fees, and offer greater risk management and the potential for higher returns. Our co-investments team leverages their extensive experience and significant relationships with GPs to help clients navigate the challenges that come with co-investing. Our thorough due diligence allows us to build truly customized co-investment strategies that set specific program parameters according to each client’s particular needs. We use our specialized expertise and robust resources to implement a policy and process that is effective for each client’s program and meets their long-term objectives.


Mission-Related Investing

Supporting each of our client’s unique mission objectives is fundamental to our work. To support the rapidly evolving field of mission-related investing, we have a dedicated MRI team that provides solutions to implementing clients’ needs into a customized portfolio approach. We view clients’ efforts to broaden their investment policy to include their mission objectives as additive rather than superseding the portfolio construction discipline. We employ a broad range of strategies including ESG, impact, and sustainability across marketable and private asset classes to achieve each client’s specific objectives – with the result being a portfolio that integrates MRI objectives with our disciplined due diligence process.

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